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Diving Cruise


Diving in the Maldives is every diver's dream and deciding to do it on a comfortable cruise ship is certainly the best way to get maximum satisfaction with minimum effort.

On boats everything is designed to satisfy every need and thanks to years of experience, the boat on which you boarded, will always follow the best route, to achieve the most beautiful dives in the most suitable moment. From the meteorological point of view the Maldivian archipelago presents a double seasonality that can be broadly divided into two periods: the first goes from December to May dominated by the relatively dry north-east monsoon; the second, from June to November dominated by the wetter south-west monsoon.

During these two semesters the air and water temperatures remain almost unchanged, but only the probability of rain that concentrates more during the south-west monsoon and in the period of change of the two dominant winds increases. The constant expiration of the two monsoons is one of the main causes of the change in the marine currents of the archipelago. With the change of these currents the type of fauna encountered at the dive sites also varies; the great mantas and whale sharks, for example, in the slopes of currents exiting the atolls and the large pelagic fish (sharks, tuna, barracuda, sea eagles etc.) in the slopes of the incoming stream. It goes without saying that staying on board a cruise boat you can always choose the optimal situations you prefer. The alternation with the two monsoons of the dominant currents is the main reason why depending on the monsoon period, cruises are offered both on the east side and on the west side.


On the boats the staff is highly qualified. The instructors / boat chiefs are Italian / European, with a long experience of sea and Maldives in their curriculum, they speak English, Italian, Spanish. The local diving guides who accompany guests on diving and snorkeling are PADI divemasters who have worked with us for many years, speak English and Italian, know every corner and secret of this archipelago.


As for the quality of diving equipment, Albatros Top Boat is one of the very few companies that can boast direct management on site. That means everything technical equipment and equipment for underwater activities are periodically reviewed and checked by competent personnel. Our Yachts have a workstation, with work surface, dedicated to recharging photos and video camera with 220v electrical outlets.

REBREATHER and NITROX To better distinguish ourselves and to testify our ambitions, in the Maldives we started first the adventure of diving with the systems Rebreather, an extremely fascinating way to go underwater in absolute silence and without making bubbles!

NITROX "For Free" on M / Y Conte Max and Duca di York is Included.

FOR THE SAFETY OF DIVERS - NAUTILUS LIFE LINE On board our boats are available tracking devices for dispersed divers "Nautilus Life Line".