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The route 5 atolls are ideal for those who want to enjoy the reefs full of corals and life and that above all seek the emotion of meeting with the large pelagic areas. For this reason, in this cruise, in addition to diving to "Thilas", "Guiri" and "Farus",  typical of the route four atolls, insists in diving in the canals between two islands.

The current that is created attracts sharks, Carangidae, eagles of the sea, as well as many varieties of pelagics. Being able to admire their beauty suspended in the blue of the ocean is an unforgettable experience.

Moreover, it is possible to finish the immersion in the inner barrier where there are large concentrations of surgeonfish, pagri, batfish, triggerfish, fusiliers and small species such as nudibranchs, shrimps, crabs ...

It is a simple itinerary, suitable for any level that, however, will be able to surprise even the most experienced divers. The meeting with the sharks is assured.
Also, this itinerary includes two-night dives, one of them in one of the most attractive atolls in the south; a simple dive, suitable for any level, but it will surprise even the most experienced divers. The meeting with the sharks is assured. Catsharks, blacktip reef sharks, stingrays of all kinds, huge Carangidae, surprise the diver already at a shallow depth. This allows us to prolong the dive more than normal to please those who are always reluctant to get out of the water.

The other night dive takes place in the mythical Ari atoll, where we will admire the manta rays at night.



From January to April

North Male, Ari, Felidhoo, Mulaku and Male South




• 2/3 dives a day during 6 days of diving (7 nights on board)
• It is an itinerary without internal flights, with the same type of diving (strong emotions of large pelagics) ideal for lovers of the Maldives who have already traveled the classic routes.
• Nightlife: Baia of Mantas and Aliata with catsharks.