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· We will dive at night with the Mantas
Although a diver is an expert, he will always be surprised and move with a night dive surrounded by manta rays. This dive, which takes place on night itineraries, takes place in a lagoon about 8 meters deep and is a demonstration of the learning abilities of these animals, which are the fish with the largest brain. A beacon is placed on the stern of the ship to attract large amounts of plankton. Plankton is, in fact, that food that attracts manta rays and that allows them to respond to the strongest instinct of any animal: to feed.
The manta rays, which are very large animals, need abundant quantities of food to feed: their behavior is reflected in their way of feeding because a manta in front of a large amount of plankton focuses only on eating as much as it can, completely ignoring everything that happens around you, even our dive. The human presence goes so unnoticed that the manta rays will touch you as they come and go: you just have to open your eyes and enjoy a magical experience that will make you moved by emotion.

· With Cat Sharks
In night-time itineraries, catshark diving is unique because it takes place on a loading dock at a Maldivian resort. We might believe that, so close to the coast and so shallow, there is no great concentration. Actually, during the years, catsharks, stingrays, amberjack and in general all the species of the reef have understood that when a ship arrives at the jetty of food it can fall into the water. So when they hear us arrive they approach en masse under the Dohni, the name of the boat where the itinerary takes place.
When we dive into the water the activity is hectic. The cat sharks and giant amberjacks surround us and make room to pass, adrenaline grows because everything happens quickly and at an incredibly minimal distance. A unique show in the underwater world.

· With the white tip reef sharks
Like most night routes, this dive takes place mainly at the top of a Thila. Very often, due to the heavy current, you have to go down to a depth of six to eight meters and stand on the bottom to enjoy the activity. The main actors are the white tip reef sharks, the moraines and some breeds at the peak of activity, dinner. Being able to see them hunt is a fantastic experience regardless of the times you have had the opportunity to experience it. Sitting in the front rows of the audience, we only have to worry about not losing the details of what is happening around us.
· With the Whale Shark
This is one of the secrets contained in the south of the Maldives. In a place where diving you can see incredibly up to 15 different species of sharks, one of the most amazing experiences we can experience is the appearance in the stern of the boat of one or more whale sharks while, quietly, they feed.
This huge fish, the largest in the world, needs to feed on such a large amount of plankton that it can filter up to 6000 liters of water per hour through its mouth measuring 1.4 m. In one of the observation lagoons in the south of the Maldives, the light of the ship at night draws the attention of a large amount of plankton and this, in turn, recalls the sharks that remain quietly eating at the stern of the boat for several hours. Many times they also eat in a vertical position, with their mouths towards the surface because in this way the water goes directly to the mouth and does not move away from the food. With the mask and the fins, you can swim safely around them and take advantage of this incredible encounter that can be considered unique in the world, like many other things in the Maldives!