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Situated between Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige, Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy.
The profile of the lake is long and narrow, insinuating inside the Brescia and Veronese Alps. In the north part of Riva and Torbole you enter the river Sarca, its main entourage. The emissary, Mincio, leaves Peschiera, on the south side of the lake, where the basin extends in a semicircular shape. Renowned tourist destination, Lake Garda offers a particularly pleasant micro-climate thanks to the vast amount of water, at a low level compared to the sea, and to the protected geographical position. These unique conditions have favored the formation of Mediterranean vegetation, with citrus, olive and vines cultivated.

Dimensions of Lake Garda:
• Altitude 65 m asl
• Surface area 370 km²
• Max. Width 16.7 km
• Length up to 51.9 km
• Max depth 346 m
• Average depth 136 m


Festivals and Events


You have to organize a party or event?
Looking for an exclusive location?
Do you want to offer your guests an unforgettable experience?
Sail offers you a unique and exclusive location in the boat or in the location of your choice, in a beautiful area on Lake Garda, where you can organize your party or your event that will make history.
Therefore if you have to celebrate:


Birthday, anniversary, graduation, maturity, stag or hen parties, confirmation, engagement, marriage, divorce, entry into society; organize events: book presentation, product presentations, corporate parties, meetings, workshops, benefits etc ..


Cruises and Relationship Marketing


Sail offers businesses a powerful marketing tool the "Company Cruise". The Cruise Company is one of the Relational Marketing tool, which helps the company to achieve the goals he set for himself in market terms (turnover, volume, etc.).


What Relationship marketing is a branch of Marketing it aims to create stable and lasting relationships with customers. Among the various forms of marketing, it is definitely the most effective one in the highly competitive and uncertain economic phase, which seeks to generate the highest possible value from existing customers, assuming that it is more difficult and expensive to acquire a new customer than keep and develop one already in place. To achieve these results, you must also establish direct relationships of respect and trust with the key people of the customer/supplier.


The most common relationship marketing tool is the "working dinner", which highlights the following limits: poor adhesion, difficulty making new "knowledge" and the organizer of relating to all guests.


By operating in the field of nautical tourism, it has been found that the cruise generates the following attitudes:


willingness to accept the invitation, the cruise promises to be unique and exclusive experience, with a large emotional content
readiness to interact with guests, the boat is only used the "you", in fact, all relational barriers fall, becomes "group" and they are established confidential reports, long-lasting, even beyond the single experience. No one said it was more appropriate the "we are all in this together."
The cruise has all the elements to be an extraordinary relationship marketing tool.


Therefore, Sail organizes cruises to "theme" for companies, professionals, and institutions, so that they can have direct and confidential relationships with customers, suppliers, employees, collaborators, organizations and mass media


The SAIL Cruises are customizable, according to customer needs