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SAIL organizes cruises for divers and sea lovers.

Experience, professionalism, personalized programs and direct management
of services are the characteristics that "Sail"
has made its own to always offer the best quality to its customers.
   The cruises have always presented an alternative to stays on the islands, offering even those who do not practice diving the possibility of "merging" with an otherwise precluded natural paradise:
deserted islands, untouched beaches and shallow waters that they explode with life, in a sea with an extremely pleasant temperature all year long.

The cruises can last one or more weeks and are carried out along exclusive routes, offering breathtaking shows and unforgettable experiences to the lucky guests.

The itineraries are personalized and are established based on the duration of the holiday, the needs of the participants and the weather and sea conditions.

Diving in the Maldives is every diver's dream and deciding to do it on a comfortable cruise ship is certainly the best way to get maximum satisfaction with minimum effort.

On boats everything is designed to satisfy every need and thanks to years of experience, the boat on which you boarded, will always follow the best route, to achieve the most beautiful dives in the most suitable moment. 

From the meteorological point of view the Maldivian archipelago presents a double seasonality that can be broadly divided into two periods: the first goes from December to May dominated by the relatively dry north-east monsoon; the second, from June to November dominated by the wetter south-west monsoon.




The constant expiration of the two monsoons is one of the main causes of the change in the marine currents of the archipelago.

With the change of these currents the type of fauna encountered at the dive sites also varies; the great mantas and whale sharks, for example, in the slopes of currents exiting the atolls and the large pelagic fish (sharks, tuna, barracuda, sea eagles etc.) in the slopes of the incoming stream.

It goes without saying that staying on board a cruise boat you can always choose the optimal situations you prefer. The alternation with the two monsoons of the dominant currents is the main reason why depending on the monsoon period, cruises are offered both on the east side and on the west side.





On the boats the staff is highly qualified. The instructors / boat chiefs are Italian / European, with a long experience of sea and Maldives in their curriculum, they speak English, Italian, Spanish. The local diving guides who accompany guests on diving and snorkeling are PADI divemasters who have worked with us for many years, speak English and Italian, know every corner and secret of this archipelago.




As for the underwater equipment available on board for rental, all technical material and equipment are periodically reviewed and checked by competent personnel.

Our Yachts have a workstation, with a work surface, dedicated to photo and video recharging.




DPV UNDERWATER SCOOTERS: To distinguish   ourselves even better and as evidence of our ambitions,

in the Maldives we first started the adventure of diving with Dpv Scooter systems, an extremely fascinating way of going underwater in absolute safety!

 NITROX: "For Free" on M / Y Conte Max and Duca di York is Included. 

FOR THE SAFETY OF DIVERS: On board our boats are available tracking devices for dispersed divers "Nautilus Life Line".


The Maldives offer scenes of incomparable beauty: tiny islands, covered with lush vegetation, fringed with white sand beaches and surrounded by lagoons bounded by coral belts, in which all the possible shades of blue, turquoise and blue sparkle.

This wonderful scenery is not to be missed even for those who do not like the depths; so Sail organizes cruises dedicated also to people who with fins, mask and snorkel want to explore reefs rich in colors and fish of all shapes and sizes. 

Bathing in crystal-clear lagoons, alternating with relaxing tan sessions on the deck of the boat or on dazzling sand tongues, a regenerating ayurvedic massage or nice canoe explorations, are the total relaxation of a perfect life on board.


Accompanied by an expert guide, you will be able to enjoy the best of underwater beauty.

During the excursion the guide will be able to provide very useful information on the life forms sighted and to inform the participants about the characteristics of the place visited, indicating the best places to observe fascinating landscapes and life forms. 

The guide will also give useful advice on the equipment and techniques to be used to enter or exit the water.







The minimum equipment consists of mask, fin and snorkel and for those who want to feel safer or to rest on the surface, they can use the jacket specifically for snorkeling.

The equipment can help but to feel even safer in the water and also to face the current that you can meet the advice we give is to enroll in a course where experienced instructors will teach the correct way to stay in the water .

All the equipment can be rented on site.




 Children and Families 

For children staying on board our boats, specially designed programs are provided. 

To bring them closer to the wonders of the underwater world and excite them to the fish of a thousand colors, the first "contact" with mask, fin and snorkel is provided for the little ones; thus learning to use correctly and become familiar with this equipment, improving their way of being in the water day by day.

From 8 years upwards, instead, with the PADI SEAL TEAM & BUBBLEMAKER program you can try the first dives with the dispenser; the equipment used was designed and built specifically for this innovative program: ultra-small underwater tanks, anatomical jackets with soft materials, ergonomic mouthpieces.





These programs are carried out at a maximum depth of 2 meters and are managed by qualified instructors who, through play and fun, transmit the information necessary for safe underwater activity, raising children 's awareness of marine life and respect for it.

Finding yourself face to face with a puffer fish, watching a turtle while eating, browsing a moray eel in its lair, will be unforgettable emotions that will give birth to the child that great passion and love for the sea that sometimes changes lives. 

Finally, for those who are already 10 years old, you can actually start the underwater adventure and take the first real patent: the Open Water Junior!









Wellness e Relax 

The scent of the air, the sea with its noises and its silences reign supreme: wake up and find yourself already in the middle of the sea with the possibility of lying down in the first rays of the sun, facing turquoise water and an expanse of white sand and palm trees that extend as far as the eye can see in a horizon that seems to have no end.
All that turns into an emotion impossible to tell; it is simply to live.
The best care to regenerate the spirit and the body could not find a better union by boarding our boats M / Y Duke of York and M / Y Conte Max.
 Right here, in fact, throughout the year there is a small SPA specializing in Ayurvedic treatments with an Indian masseur.
On M / Y DUCA of YORK and on M / Y CONTE MAX we also offer themed cruises dedicated to wellness with specialists in Ayurvedic medicine who will guide you through the art of simple relaxation with yoga, meditation and personalized treatments
Sun, sea, diving but not only: in MALDIVES you can also fish.
Many fish, large, large and combative, from the ubiquitous Barracuda, to the powerful Giant Trevally (Caranx Ignobilis), to the spectacular Vela, Yellowfin, Tuna, Wahoo, Red Snapper, Lampughe and Rainbow.
Just get on a Dhoni, put on a pass and go out into the open sea alongside the reef; if instead you prefer calmer waters you can stay inside the lagoon, we will not be able to meet the Pelagics but the satisfactions will not fail anyway.
Surely the cruise is the best for those who think about combining a few fishing trips with their holiday.
The Dhoni (which is the one to support all the cruise boats or one specially rented in the case of mixed groups of sub-fishermen) is a boat that lends itself perfectly to our needs, it performs very well even with rough seas, it has a very stern wide with the possibility of positioning several rods, comfortable benches and a cover that guarantee shade and the possibility of relaxing in the rare moments of pause between one capture and another.
Then in the evening, after dinner, in the quiet of the lagoon,
you can dedicate yourself to the Bolentino or the Vertical Jig, very simple fishing but no less fun, especially if done with light equipment. 
Surfing and kitesurfing

An innovative way to play sports and enjoy a completely exclusive tropical paradise. The project that offers surfers and kitters the opportunity to savor the taste of a unique holiday of its kind, through the charm and comfort of a boat cruise that will accompany you in all the best spots in the Maldives, is on its feet today best time to ride these waves.
The best wave season - in the atoll area north and south of Male - runs from April to November.
Once on board you can take advantage of the maximum assistance service through a support dhoni that will accompany you directly on the spot at any time of the day.

The real difference that distinguishes the cruise from the typical stay in the resort is the continuous contact with the water, which turns into a natural habitat, with all the comforts and advantages of being in the right place at the right time, such as checking the change of the tides or being able to choose to go out with storms of different direction or size.
Wave surfing conditions: various types of spots with right and left waves to meet all needs. Wave size max. 3 m

Kiteboarding is practiced in wind conditions around 15/20 knots with flat water within peaceful lagoons assisted by a support boat, with guide available.

Surfers can ride undisturbed waves followed by another support boat and so the combination of surfing and kiteboard will allow you to spend an extremely active holiday under the sports aspect, always surrounded by beautiful scenarios above
(and below! ) a crystal clear sea.

Sure to find waves, wind, warm water and beautiful colors and intensely experience the feeling with the sea, the right holiday is with us!

Research Cruises



This scientific safari has been planned to coincide with the currents determined by the lunar phases and with specific monsoon winds that influence the migrations and the eating habits of the reef manta rays.
The goal of our expedition is, in fact, to make use of Manta Trust experts ( to find the main aggregation sites and offer guests the magical experience of diving in the midst of these magnificent marine giants, Mantas and Whale Sharks.


The study of the structure and functioning of the complex system of coral reefs that make the Maldives the fantastic "Nation of the Atolls", is of fundamental importance both for the world of research and for a conscious and therefore non-invasive and respectful use of the environment.
The scientific cruise is therefore a unique opportunity to combine the always fascinating dives in the seas of the Maldives with dives particularly dedicated to the study and understanding of tropical ecology, it being understood that the itineraries are the same as for a normal tourist / underwater cruise and that participation by non-researchers in "scientific" activities is completely free.
On board or on a beach, it will be a pleasure to deepen together with the researchers various topics, with absolutely informal meetings / lessons, and thus always learn new notions on the marine environment and discover closely all the complexity of the phenomena that characterize the dynamics of these environments.


DAN Europe Cruise

Since 2012, we are "DAN DSL Base", which is a research base for conducting and organizing underwater research tests involving DAN scientists, technicians and volunteer divers.


This is an absolutely innovative study, awarded by the EUBS (European Underwater Baromedical Society) with the prestigious Zetterström Award (Best Poster Presentation 2013).
What are you waiting for to fly?

Fantastic diving and research cruises in the Maldives



Dream cruises to the Maldives. An innovative research project, never carried out before. A great common passion: diving. These are the ingredients of Flying Bubbles, the latest, unmissable initiative that bears the signature of dAN Europe Research.
Underwater trips made of relaxation and research, during which the mobile laboratory of the DAN DSL (diving Safety Laboratory) accompanies divers. An innovative study on diving.
The main goal, but not the only one, of this new journey is to investigate the physiological characteristics that predispose to the formation of gas bubbles in the body. For this reason genetic tests and analyzes will be performed to investigate a pool of polymorphisms that could facilitate the development of decompression sickness.
Explore new territories and experience an exciting week on the boat in the Maldives, participating in innovative DAN research projects.