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Extremelife - Team


EXTREMELIFE is a team led by Maurizio Vettorato,

expert sailor, mountaineer, skier, explorer.

The team consists of titrated instructors who love

these activities so much to choose them as a lifestyle.

We are convinced that only with passion is the maximum result achieved.


Kilimangiaro lungo la "Via Marang"   Sci alpinismo nei Tatra slovacchi
Scialpinismo in Bulgaria (Rila-Piri)

Ski mountaineering in Bulgaria (Rila-Piri)


Corsi di vela di secondo livello   IMG_2456
Corsi di vela di primo livello

First level sailing courses


Attraversata della Bulgaria

Crossed of Bulgaria



Suitable to strengthen and improve the relationships within your staff, proposing holidays / sailing / mountain / bike course of one or more days.

It can be defined as experiential because it allows people to experience in first person the "experiences" of the participants who are solicited through exchange and contact with others in a climate of interaction. This leads the teambuilding to be an instrument as well as training and incentive. Living in the first person facilitates the possibility that experience turns into learning that changes our behavior and has an impact that remains a lot in our memory. To best use the resources of individuals in the group, organizations create seminars to make participants understand the rules that are part of the life of a group and then try to develop them in the real organization.


Possibility to organize customized programs based on the desired sport.



NB: some programs can be organized on request or are being organized.