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Cruise to the Maldives
The cruise offers many moments of relaxation and you will discover that even doing absolutely nothing has its charm ...
The magic of the Indian Ocean has, however, an irresistible call and the desire to bathe in the turquoise waters of a lagoon or to doze under a palm tree cannot miss.

Waking up in the morning and being greeted by the warm sun, not yet high in the sky, which reflects on the calm sea creating the reflection of millions of diamonds is something quite unique.
A dip, to wake up, before breakfast among some small fish that uses the shadow of the boat to cool off…. and then the day begins.
A short navigation takes the boat next to a desert island, a beautiful reef or a strip of sand surrounded by turquoise waters.
Then everyone on the dhony (boat supporting the yacht equipped for water sports) to reach the diving or snorkeling spot. Splash ... at sea discovering the seabed!
Then there are the white sandy beaches, where to laze, bathe, read a good book or discover corals and lagoon fish.
At thirteen all aboard for lunch based on Italian specialties mixed with local flavors and traditions. And the boat moves to the new point of the day.

On the shoreline the shells draw imaginary waves leaving traces of the change of tide. Fragments of coral and shells tell the succession of currents, waves and tides ... Some of these sand tongues disappear at high tide, others are more stable and larger and usually host colonies of seabirds. When the case brings here, some seed or coconut that succeeds in implanting its roots, the life of a new island begins.
Human needs mean that some islands have been bent to their needs and are inhabited by Maldivians.
Once exclusively fishermen's people, today almost all work with tourism.
The islands still show these ancient traditions. Boats, now used more for tourism than for fishing, are anchored in the lagoons.
Each island has small yards where to build wooden boats.
The older houses were made entirely of coral and shells torn from the reef, today this practice has disappeared thanks to a widespread well-being that allows the purchase of construction materials in countries even very far away and strict laws to protect the environment.
 Each island has its own school and laughing and neat children in their English uniforms. The mosque, the exclusive prerogative of Muslims, is always the most beautiful and decorated building on the island with gardens and colorful flowers around.

Some islands more distant from the areas very frequented by tourists or tourist villages have preserved their authenticity and intact the local culture.
Those closer to the tourist areas have completely or partially modified their lifestyle and the fishermen have turned into attentive and kind traders who sell multicolored sarongs, T-shirts and other souvenirs. 
In the evening, on a boat, it is mainly dedicated to relaxation ... a glass on the bridge in front of a starry sky or a chat with friends. Sometimes a bit of good music or a film from the on-board video library cheers up the evenings.