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During the southern winter (from late August to mid-October) the ocean around Nosy be, on the west coast of Madagascar, offers one of the most fascinating natural show in the world: large groups of humpback whales carry out their annual migration from Antarctica to protected waters of the Mozambique channel.

The humpback whale is a social animal that lives in small groups that migrates seasonally to the South Pole, where it goes to feed itself, to tropical waters to mate and reproduce covering distances of 20000 km per season.

These creatures can grow up to 15 meters in length and weigh 45 tons they are incredibly agile and peaceful moving elegantly through the water.

Especially in September, when the concentration of individuals is greater, occasionally they can even be seen puffing or jumping directly from land, but the best way to admire them in all their majesty and tenderness.




Other sightings

When sailing the ocean around Nosy Be the surprise can be around the corner...And here while sailing in the waters of Nosy Be you can meet various species of dolphins and pilot whales sometimes mobulas, sailfish and the very rare whales of Omura.